2018-05-23 5D4 Camp Wycliffe Pwo Karen O

หัวข้ออธิษฐานเผื่อจากเรา หุ้นส่วน และ มิชชันนารีสำหรับเดือนนี้ได้แก่:

November Prayer Items:

1.       New ways to mobilize Thai Church: Even though the pandemic spread over the country and caused Wycliffe Thai to cancel all the planned activities, praise the Lord that Wycliffe Thai can created new ways to mobilize the Thai church, Camp Wycliffe, and virtual trip through Zoom and Facebook page for mobilize the church and share the gospel to the M people in the south of Thailand.  There were 30 people joined the Camp Wycliffe and about 30 people joined virtual trip each month. Pray that the Lord will work on those people hearts and stir up their desires to be involve in Mission movement.

See the link:


2.       Eastern Lawa Bible Translation Project: Praise the Lord that this project has full support for FY 2022. Opel and Natt decided to join the team. They already moved to the village, Bor Hluang sub-district. Opel is helping in translation. Natt is helping in Literacy. Both are learning the Bui language. Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom in learning the language.

Pray for the ability in adaptation to live in the village to the team. Pray for the unit in the team.

Pray for Greg and Rosie-They are waiting for extension visa. Their document already submits to the provincial office. Pray that the Lord will bless them with one year visa. Greg’s father is not doing well now. Greg and Rosie plan to flight back to New Zealand. Please pray for Both to be able to get visa very soon and get the ticket to flight back. Pray for Greg’s father, the Lord will be mercy to him and heal him.


3.       Mukdahan Office: All the request document was sent to the provincial property office. Wycliffe Thai had had receipted a respond letter from the office, but the process is in the long queue. Pray that the Lord will bless Wycliff Thai to have a paper title so that the drawing will be able to submit to ask for construction allowance.


4.       Chiang Mai Office: It takes long time to get the construction allowance. The document was sent back to Wycliffe Thai for building drawing correcting. The corrected drawing was sent back but no answer from the officer. Pray that year 2022 Wycliffe Thai will be able to get the construction allowance and start building an office building.


5.       Supporting: Because of the pandemic, many donors informed to cut the support to Wycliffe Thai members. Pray for the members to trust in the Lord’s providing, adjust well to the uncertain situation.